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15/Sep/2019 In any relationship, discussing money is never a comfortable topic. When it comes to starting a construction project, whether your project is an addition, renovation or building a custom home, being frank about your available budget is crucial. During our initial meeting we want to learn 3 things: your wants, your needs and your style. Inverness Design Build Group’s goal is to then merge these ideas with your budget. We want to be accurate, efficient and build a relationship with you.Accuracy - When we provide a price for a project, having at least a guideline will ensure we don’... Read more
15/Sep/2019 Inverness Design Build Group Ltd. would be happy to price out a portion of your project if you choose to tackle some of it on your own. However, many people overestimate the way costs are calculated in a project and believe that if they take a small portion of the work off the General Contractor’s plate, there will be significant savings. If that is your motivation it can backfire for a number of reasons. As a builder, we get prices from our sub-contractors that are very competitive due to the repeat business that they get from us. Further, we ... Read more